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Meet Marilyn Bellock

Marilyn B. Bellock is a distinguished Councilwoman representing District V, with a deep-rooted connection to the River Parishes, and a dedicated resident of St. Rose for over three decades. Alongside her beloved husband, Herbert, of 40 years, Marilyn takes immense pride in being a caring parent to five cherished children: Thelma, Herb, Angelle', Kristi, and Mason.

With a strong commitment to education and personal growth, Marilyn holds a notable academic background, graduating from Francis T. Nicholls High School and attaining an Associate Degree in Business Management. Over the course of 25 years, she has proven herself as a successful business owner, actively contributing to the economic prosperity of St. Rose.

Marilyn's sense of duty to her country is evident through her honorable service as a military veteran , exemplifying her dedication to the nation's welfare. Additionally, she has demonstrated a sincere passion for uplifting young lives, having embarked on a significant endeavor to aid youths and initiate a transformative summer camp program.

Recognized for her influential role in the community, Marilyn plays an active part in several crucial committees, including the Special Projects/Public Safety, Health and Environmental Committee; Operations, Maintenance and Construction Management Committee; Legislative Committee; Contract/Finance and Administrative Committee; and Hurricane Protection Projects Committee.

Beyond committee involvement, Marilyn's impact extends to key organizations, where she holds essential positions, such as being a member of the Sunset Drainage District - Board of Commissioners and ex-officio roles within the Housing Authority and the ARC of St. Charles Board of Directors. Her dedication to regional development is further manifested through her valued membership in the South Central Planning and Development Commission.

Marilyn's exemplary leadership is truly noteworthy, reflected by her executive board membership at large of the Louisiana Police Jury Association (PJAL). She also serves as the Secretary of the esteemed Black Caucus-Louisiana Police Jury Association and actively contributes to PJAL's Community Development Committee. Furthermore, her affiliation with the National Association of County Officials and role as Vice Chairperson of NACo's Veterans and Military Services Committee exemplify her steadfast commitment to public service.

Throughout her illustrious career, Marilyn B. Bellock has consistently demonstrated an unwavering dedication to public service, pivotal contributions to significant committees and organizations, and visionary leadership that uplifts and positively impacts District V and beyond.

Marilyn Bellock for Senator

District 19

About Marilyn Bellock

Education and Experience

Service and Dedication

Leadership and Recognition

Marilyn holds a degree in Business Management and is a proud graduate of Francis T. Nicholls High School. For the past 25 years, she has been a successful business owner in St. Rose, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the community.

As an ordained elder and a participant in River Region Leadership and John Maxwell Leadership programs, Marilyn possesses the leadership skills required to address the challenges facing our district.

With a background in aiding youth and a history of running a summer camp program, Marilyn understands the needs of our young citizens. Her commitment to public service also extends to her military service as a veteran.

Marilyn's extensive involvement in various committees and organizations showcases her dedication to making positive changes in our community. She is an active member of the Special Projects/Public Safety, Health and Environmental Committee, Operations, Maintenance and Construction Management Committee, Legislative Committee, Contract/Finance and Administrative Committee, and Hurricane Protection Projects Committee.

Community Involvement

A Voice For All

Marilyn's heart lies with the community, and she remains actively involved with St. Rose Hope and is a member of the St. Charles Women's Club.

Marilyn knows that our people need an advocate who represents the interests of everyone, all of the time. She believes it's time for a new direction in District 19.

Key Focus Areas

Infrastructure, flood protection, drainage, criminal justice reform, gun rights, lowering taxes, and economic opportunities are vital issues Marilyn aims to tackle. With a deep understanding of the legislative process, she will fight for economic opportunities, including advocating for clean energy and Risk Rating 2.0. Marilyn believes our children should have the chance to thrive right here in Louisiana for a better quality of life.

Marilyn's record speaks for itself, having served as St. Charles Parish Council Chairman and Vice-Chairman twice. She's also an executive board member at large of the Louisiana Police Jury Association and serves on PJAL's Community Development Committee. As the Secretary of the Black Caucus-Louisiana Police Jury Association and a member of the National Association of County Officials, Marilyn continues to make significant contributions to our region.

Together, let's work towards a brighter and prosperous future for District 19.

Vote for Marilyn B. Bellock, a leader with her pulse connected to our communities.

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